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My name is Nakia, your friendly neighborhood realtor(agent) here. I have experience with offering dedicated customer service for over 20 years. I have been in various career fields from education, fast food, entertainment, to medical, and now my new venture and mainstay as a REALTOR. The most important thing in all those fields, is the art of communication and customer service. I am here to guide you, help you explore, and support your goals. Tell me what you desire/want. I will offer professionalism and listen to your needs and wants. I will be patient as this can be a nerve wrecking process, especially if you are first time buyer/seller. I will do best to alleviate your worries.

Make the best of today.. ignore negativity.. smile for 20 seconds when 10 is not enough. -NES

Lets achieve success together. It's not always easy, but possibilities are endless. -NES


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